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A well documented family tree includes sources that help to prove events and relationships. Why add historical documents? Because sources validate your family history. How is this done? Through research you find documents, stories, letters, and photographs. In conventional genealogy programs, once you add sources to your tree, it does not assist you in understanding what you have or what you should work on. Through reports you might be able to figure out what you have or what is missing. We have a solution to this issue. With our program you see the evidence that a record provides, making it easy to track what is important to you without having to print out a report!

gauge your genealogy search

Set Your Goals and Easily Track your Progress

When you add sources to your website, we have created an easy way for you to rate your sources and help you understand what information you have and what you might want to find for an ancestor, all based on what is important to you. You set your goals and track them!

set your genealogy goals

Add Sources to Validate your Ancestry Research

When you add sources, you confirm event information by rating your sources for the data found as well as rating the document for its reliability, quality, and information. This will in turn give a rating to the source.

Since it takes several documents to confirm family data, we take all your sources and add them together. This is how you see your rating color change for a person.

validating your ancestry sources

See the Progress of 5 Generations at a Glance

Our Color Coded Progress Rating Chart shows you what progress you have made for an ancestor, and what you might want to work on next.

progress rating chart for 5 generations at a glance

How Reliable is your Tree?

Focus you efforts on one question for one person or family at a time. Write down what you want to accomplish and don’t leave any stone unturned. Don’t expect exact or consistent spelling of names or places. Think of how the name sounds and how it could be written phonetically. Don’t expect exact or consistent spellings. If you can’t find a person in a particular area, expand to the surrounding areas. You need to be a detective and figure out clues.

Source Information Needs to be Analyzed

When you conduct your ancestry research and find a genealogy document, do you analyze the information for accuracy, reliability, and is it describing facts about a relative? These questions help to validate the quality, reliability and data of your sources.
  1. Does it answer genealogical questions such as: who, what, when, or where?
  2. Does the data contradict facts that you have, or does it help solve a question?
  3. Who provided the information? Someone with first-hand knowledge or someone who is rewriting data that they think is true? Rewritten data can easily be recorded incorrectly on accident.
  4. If the facts are given by the person with first-hand knowledge, are they being honest about the data? Someone might have fudged their age to get into the military or get married.
  5. Does the data give specific dates or locations or relationships, or does it allude to them?
  6. Were the facts recorded shortly after the event or has time past?

Easily Update Imported Sources from GEDCOM Files

If you have a GEDCOM file you can upload it to our system and then rate your ancestry sources with our tool, to see your progress! rating and updating family genealogy sources

Begin your Ancestry Research Today

Work on the branches and leaves of your family tree by starting your ancestry research. Find the documents that reveal important historical data, which validates your family history.

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