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 BRANT COUNTY: Populated Places Table  Badalona Spain Family History Center  Badlesmere, Kent
 BRITISH COLUMBIA: Populated Places Table  Badby, Northamptonshire  Badlesmere, Kent Genealogy
 BRITISH COLUMBIA: Populated Places Table A-M  Badby, Northamptonshire Genealogy  Badley, Suffolk
 BRITISH COLUMBIA: Populated Places Table N-Z  Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire  Badley, Suffolk Genealogy
 BRUCE COUNTY: Populated Places Table  Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire Genealogy  Badoney Lower and Greencastle Catholic Parish, County Tyrone Genealogy
 BYU-FHL Digital Book Collection  Baddesley Ensor, Warwickshire  Badoney Upper Catholic Parish, County Tyrone Genealogy
 BYU 11th Family History Center  Baddesley Ensor, Warwickshire Genealogy  Badsey with Aldington, Worcestershire
 BYU 17th Family History Center  Baddiley, Cheshire  Badsey with Aldington, Worcestershire Genealogy
 BYU 18th Family History Center  Baddiley, Cheshire Genealogy  Badsworth, Yorkshire
 BYU 19th Family History Center  Baden, Germany, Church Record Family Register 1500-1874 Guide  Badsworth, Yorkshire Genealogy
 BYU 8th Family History Center  Baden, Germany Genealogy  Badwell Ash, Suffolk
 BYU Center for Family History and Genealogy  Baden, Germany place names A  Badwell Ash, Suffolk Genealogy
 BYU Family History Center  Baden, Germany probate records  Baelen, Antwerpen, Belgium Genealogy
 BYU Family History Center - Public Library  Baden-Wuerttemberg Archives and Libraries  Baerbel's column
 BYU Family History Library  Baden-Württemberg, Germany Genealogy  Baerle-Duc, Antwerpen, Belgium Genealogy
 BYU Family History and Genealogy 2007 Conference  Baden-Württemberg Archives and Libraries  Bag Enderby, Lincolnshire
 BYU Idaho Alumni Obituaries (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Baden-Württemberg Biography  Bag Enderby, Lincolnshire Genealogy
 BYU Immigrant Ancestors Project  Baden-Württemberg Cemeteries  Bagby
 B genealogical glossary terms  Baden-Württemberg Census  Bagby, Yorkshire
 Baarle-Hertog, Antwerpen, Belgium Genealogy  Baden-Württemberg Church Records  Bagby, Yorkshire Genealogy
 Babahoyo Ecuador Family History Center  Baden-Württemberg Civil Registration  Bagdad, Louisiana
 Babcary, Somerset  Baden-Württemberg Compiled Genealogies  Bagdad Arizona Family History Center
 Babcary, Somerset Genealogy  Baden-Württemberg Court Records  Bagendon, Gloucestershire
 Babingley, Norfolk  Baden-Württemberg Directories  Bagendon, Gloucestershire Genealogy
 Babingley, Norfolk Genealogy  Baden-Württemberg Dwellings  Baggs Wyoming Family History Center
 Babington, Somerset  Baden-Württemberg Emigration and Immigration  Bagillt, Flintshire
 Babington, Somerset Genealogy  Baden-Württemberg Gazetteers  Bagillt, Flintshire Genealogy
 Babraham  Baden-Württemberg History  Baginton, Warwickshire
 Babraham, Cambridgeshire  Baden-Württemberg Jewish Records  Baginton, Warwickshire Genealogy
 Babraham, Cambridgeshire Genealogy  Baden-Württemberg Jurisdictions  Baglan Higher, Glamorgan
 Babworth, Nottinghamshire  Baden-Württemberg Land and Property  Baglan Higher, Glamorgan Genealogy
 Babworth, Nottinghamshire Genealogy  Baden-Württemberg Language and Handwriting  Baglan Higher, Neath Port Talbot
 Babylon, New York  Baden-Württemberg Manumisson  Bagley Wood, Berkshire
 Babylon, Suffolk County, New York Genealogy  Baden-Württemberg Maps  Bagley Wood, Berkshire Genealogy
 Baca County, Colorado  Baden-Württemberg Military Records  Bagn, Norway
 Baca County, Colorado Genealogy  Baden-Württemberg Minorities  Bagn, Oppland, Norway Genealogy
 Bachem  Baden-Württemberg Naturalization and Citizenship  Bago Philippines Family History Center
 Bachem, Germany  Baden-Württemberg Newspapers  Bagot County, Quebec
 Bachem, Losheim, Germany  Baden-Württemberg Nobility  Bagot County, Quebec Genealogy
 Bachenbülach, Zürich, Switzerland  Baden-Württemberg Ortsippenbücher  Bagot County: Populated Places Table
 Bachman's Company, South Carolina Artillery (German Light Artillery)  Baden-Württemberg Periodicals  Bagshot, Surrey
 Bachs parish, Zürich, Switzerland  Baden-Württemberg Probate Records  Bagshot, Surrey Genealogy
 Bachs parish, Zürich, Switzerland Genealogy  Baden-Württemberg Societies  Bagthorpe, Norfolk
 Backa Parish, Göteborg och Bohus, Sweden Genealogy  BadenJewish Records  Bagthorpe, Norfolk Genealogy
 Backaryd Parish, Blekinge, Sweden Genealogy  Baden Address Books  Baguio Philippines Family History Center
 Backaryd parish, Sweden  Baden Archives and Libraries  Baguley, Cheshire
 Backaryd parish, Sweden Genealogy  Baden Biography  Baguley, Cheshire Genealogy
 Backford, Cheshire  Baden Census  Bagworth, Leicestershire
 Backford, Cheshire Genealogy  Baden Church Records  Bagworth, Leicestershire Genealogy
 Backof's Battalion, Missouri Artillery (3 months, 1861) (Union)  Baden Civil Registration  Bagé Brazil Family History Center
 Backof's Battalion, Missouri Artillery (3 months, 1861) Union Missouri  Baden Compiled Genealogies  Bahamas
 Backs Catholic Parish, County Mayo Genealogy  Baden Court Records  Bahamas, Civil Registration (FamilySearch Historical Records)
 Backups  Baden Customs and Practises  Bahamas: Church Records
 Backwell, Somerset  Baden Directories  Bahamas: Ethnic Groups
 Backwell, Somerset Genealogy  Baden Emigration and Immigration  Bahamas: Slavery
 Bacolod Philippines Family History Center  Baden Gazetteers  Bahamas Archives and Libraries
 Bacolod Philippines North Family History Center  Baden Genealogy  Bahamas Births (FamilySearch Historical Records)
 Bacolod Philippines South Family History Center  Baden German Funerary Customs and Practises  Bahamas Cemeteries
 Bacomb's Artillery, Alabama  Baden Grossherzogtum (grand duchy) Jewish Records  Bahamas Church Records
 Bacon County, Georgia  Baden Herzogtum (duchy) Jewish Records  Bahamas Civil Registration (FamilySearch Historical Records)
 Bacon County, Georgia Genealogy  Baden History  Bahamas Emigration and Immigration
 Baconsthorpe, Norfolk  Baden Jewish Records  Bahamas Ethnic Groups
 Baconsthorpe, Norfolk Genealogy  Baden Jurisdictions  Bahamas Genealogy
 Bacoor Philippines Family History Center  Baden Maps  Bahamas History
 Bacton, Herefordshire  Baden Military History  Bahamas Online Genealogy Records
 Bacton, Herefordshire Genealogy  Baden Military Records  Bahamas Religious Records
 Bacton, Norfolk  Baden Newspapers  Bahamas Slavery
 Bacton, Norfolk Genealogy  Baden Nobility  Bahamas Vital Records Index
 Bacton, Suffolk  Baden Online Genealogy Records  Bahamas Vital Records Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)
 Bacton, Suffolk Genealogy  Baden Societies  Bahia, Brazil
 Bacup, Lancashire  Baden Things you can do  Bahia, Brazil Genealogy
 Bacup, Lancashire Genealogy  Baden Timeline  Bahia Blanca Argentina Family History Center
 Bad Ax County, Wisconsin  Badene parish, Sweden  Bahia Blanca Argentina Villa Mitre Family History Center
 Bad Ax County, Wisconsin Genealogy  Badene parish, Sweden Genealogy  Bahia Blanca Argentina Villa Mitre Punta Alta Family History Center
 Bad Bramstedt Parish - Schleswig-Holstein  Badger  Bahoruco, Dominican Republic Genealogy
 Bad Oldesloe Parish - Schleswig-Holstein  Badger, Shropshire  Bahrain
 Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians  Badger, Shropshire Genealogy  Bahrain Genealogy
 Bad River Indian Agency (Wisconsin)  Badgeworth, Gloucestershire  Bahrain Online Genealogy Records
 Bad River Indian Reservation (Wisconsin)  Badgeworth, Gloucestershire Genealogy  Bahrain Religious Records
 Badajoz  Badgworth, Somerset  Bahrain Research Tips and Strategies
 Badajoz, Spain Genealogy  Badgworth, Somerset Genealogy  Baiersbronn
 Badajoz Civil Registration - Vital Records  Badingham, Suffolk  Baildon, Yorkshire
 Badajoz Genealogy  Badingham, Suffolk Genealogy  Baildon, Yorkshire Genealogy
 Badajoz Spain Family History Center