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 Birth Records  Bishop Monkton, Yorkshire Genealogy  Bitchfield, Lincolnshire
 Birth certificate  Bishop Norton with Atterby, Lincolnshire  Bitchfield, Lincolnshire Genealogy
 Birth marriage and death informtion for Saxony  Bishop Norton with Atterby, Lincolnshire Genealogy  Bitonto Italy Family History Center
 Birth of A Nation 1789-1859  Bishop Thornton, Yorkshire  Bittadon, Deonshire
 Birthdates  Bishop Thornton, Yorkshire Genealogy  Bittadon, Devon Genealogy
 Births  Bishop Wilton, Yorkshire  Bittering Parva, Norfolk
 Births, Marriages and Death Records for British in India  Bishop Wilton, Yorkshire Genealogy  Bittering Parva, Norfolk Genealogy
 Birtle cum Bamford, Lancashire  Bishops Sutton, Hampshire  Bitterley
 Birtle cum Bamford, Lancashire Genealogy  Bishops Sutton, Hampshire Genealogy  Bitterley, Shropshire
 Birtles,St Catherine  Bishops Tachbrook, Warwickshire  Bitterley, Shropshire Genealogy
 Birtles,St Catherine,Cheshire  Bishops Tachbrook, Warwickshire Genealogy  Bitterna Parish, Skaraborg, Sweden Genealogy
 Birtles, Cheshire  Bishopsbourne, Kent  Bitterna parish, Sweden
 Birtles, Cheshire Genealogy  Bishopsbourne, Kent Genealogy  Bitterna parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Birtley, Durham  Bishopsgate, London Ward Genealogy  Bitteswell, Leicestershire
 Birtley, Durham Genealogy  Bishopsgate Ward, London, England  Bitteswell, Leicestershire Genealogy
 Birtley, Durham Genealogy moving  Bishopside High and Low, Yorkshire  Bittinger, Maryland
 Birtley, Northumberland  Bishopside High and Low, Yorkshire Genealogy  Bitton, Gloucestershire
 Birtley, Northumberland Genealogy  Bishopsnympton, Devon  Bitton, Gloucestershire Genealogy
 Birtsmorton, Worcestershire  Bishopsnympton, Devon Genealogy  Bivalve, Maryland
 Birtsmorton, Worcestershire Genealogy  Bishopsteignton, Devon  Biwer Commune, Luxembourg
 Birwinken, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy  Bishopsteignton, Devon Genealogy  Biwer Commune, Luxembourg Genealogy
 Birwinken Reformed Parish, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy  Bishopstoke, Hampshire  Bix, Oxfordshire
 Birwinken Reformed parish, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy  Bishopstoke, Hampshire Genealogy  Bix, Oxfordshire Genealogy
 Bisbee, Arizona  Bishopston, Glamorgan  Bixley, Norfolk
 Bisbee Arizona Family History Center  Bishopston, Glamorgan, Wales Genealogy  Bixley, Norfolk Genealogy
 Bisbrooke, Rutland  Bishopston, Glamorgan Genealogy  Bjarkøy, Norway
 Bisbrooke, Rutland Genealogy  Bishopston, Swansea  Bjarkøy, Troms, Norway Genealogy
 Biscathorpe, Lincolnshire  Bishopston, Swansea, Wales Genealogy  Bjarkøy Parish, Troms, Norway Genealogy
 Biscathorpe, Lincolnshire Genealogy  Bishopston, Warwichshire  Bjelland, Norway
 Bischofszell, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy  Bishopston, Warwickshire  Bjelland, Vest-Agder, Norway Genealogy
 Bischofszell Catholic parish, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy  Bishopston, Warwickshire Genealogy  Bjelland Parish, Vest-Agder, Norway Genealogy
 Bischofszell Reformed Parish, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy  Bishopstone, Herefordshire  Bjerager Parish, Århus, Denmark
 Bischofszell Reformed parish, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy  Bishopstone, Herefordshire Genealogy  Bjerager Parish, Århus, Denmark Genealogy
 Bischwiller, Bas-Rhin, France  Bishopstone, Sussex  Bjergby Parish, Hjørring, Denmark
 Bischwiller (Canton), France  Bishopstone, Sussex Genealogy  Bjergby Parish, Hjørring, Denmark Genealogy
 Bisham, Berkshire  Bishopstone, Wiltshire  Bjergby Parish, Thisted, Denmark
 Bisham, Berkshire Genealogy  Bishopstone, Wiltshire Genealogy  Bjergby Parish, Thisted, Denmark Genealogy
 Bishampton, Worcestershire  Bishopstone (near Salisbury), Wiltshire  Bjergsted Parish, Holbæk, Denmark
 Bishampton, Worcestershire Genealogy  Bishopstone (near Salisbury), Wiltshire Genealogy  Bjergsted Parish, Holbæk, Denmark Genealogy
 Bishop's Cannings, Wiltshire  Bishopstone (near Shrivenham), Wiltshire  Bjerkreim, Norway
 Bishop's Cannings, Wiltshire Genealogy  Bishopstone (near Shrivenham), Wiltshire Genealogy  Bjerkreim, Rogaland, Norway Genealogy
 Bishop's Castle  Bishopstrow, Wiltshire  Bjerkreim Parish, Rogaland, Norway Genealogy
 Bishop's Castle, Shropshire  Bishopstrow, Wiltshire Genealogy  Bjernede Parish, Sorø, Denmark
 Bishop's Castle, Shropshire Genealogy  Bishopthorpe, Yorkshire  Bjernede Parish, Sorø, Denmark Genealogy
 Bishop's Caundle, Dorset  Bishopthorpe, Yorkshire Genealogy  Bjerning Parish, Haderslev, Denmark
 Bishop's Caundle, Dorset Genealogy  Bishopton, Durham  Bjerning Parish, Haderslev, Denmark Genealogy
 Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire  Bishopton, Durham Genealogy  Bjerning Parish -  Schleswig-Holstein
 Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire Genealogy  Bishopton, Durham Genealogy moving  Bjerre Estate, Skanderborg, Denmark
 Bishop's Frome with Fromes Hill, Herefordshire  Bishopwearmouth, Durham  Bjerre Parish, Vejle, Denmark
 Bishop's Frome with Fromes Hill, Herefordshire Genealogy  Bishopwearmouth, Durham Genealogy  Bjerre Parish, Vejle, Denmark Genealogy
 Bishop's Hatfield, Hertfordshire  Bishopwearmouth Deptford St Andrew, Durham Genealogy alias Deptford St Andrew Durham  Bjerreby Parish, Svendborg, Denmark
 Bishop's Hatfield, Hertfordshire Genealogy  Bishopwearmouth Deptford St Andrew, Durham alias Deptford St Andrew Durham  Bjerreby Parish, Svendborg, Denmark Genealogy
 Bishop's Hull, Somerset  Bishopwearmouth St Michael, Durham  Bjerregrav Parish, Viborg, Denmark
 Bishop's Hull, Somerset Genealogy  Bishopwearmouth St Michael, Durham Genealogy  Bjerregrav Parish, Viborg, Denmark Genealogy
 Bishop's Itchington, Warwickshire  Bishopwearmouth St Michael, Durham Genealogy moving  Bjerring Parish, Viborg, Denmark
 Bishop's Itchington, Warwickshire Genealogy  Bishopwearmouth St Thomas, Durham  Bjerring Parish, Viborg, Denmark Genealogy
 Bishop's Lydeard, Somerset  Bishopwearmouth St Thomas, Durham Genealogy  Bjerringbro Parish, Viborg, Denmark
 Bishop's Lydeard, Somerset Genealogy  Bishopwearmouth St Thomas, Durham Genealogy move  Bjerringbro Parish, Viborg, Denmark Genealogy
 Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire  Bishton, Monmouthshire  Bjoastrand, Hordaland, Norway Genealogy
 Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire Genealogy  Bishton, Monmouthshire, Wales Genealogy  Bjoastrand, Norway
 Bishop's Tawton, Devon  Bishton, Monmouthshire Genealogy  Bjoastrand Parish, Hordaland, Norway Genealogy
 Bishop's Tawton, Devon Genealogy  Biskopskulla Parish, Uppsala, Sweden Genealogy  Bjolderup Parish, Åbenrå, Denmark
 Bishop's Transcripts  Biskopskulla parish, Sweden  Bjolderup Parish, Åbenrå, Denmark Genealogy
 Bishop's Waltham  Biskopskulla parish, Sweden Genealogy  Bjugn, Norway
 Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire  Bislev Parish, Ålborg, Denmark  Bjugn, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway Genealogy
 Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire Genealogy  Bislev Parish, Ålborg, Denmark Genealogy  Bjugn Parish, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway Genealogy
 Bishop's Wood, Gloucestershire  Bisley, Gloucestershire  Bjurbäck Parish, Skaraborg, Sweden Genealogy
 Bishop's Wood, Gloucestershire Genealogy  Bisley, Gloucestershire Genealogy  Bjurbäck parish, Sweden
 Bishop's Wood, Herefordshire  Bisley, Surrey  Bjurbäck parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Bishop's Wood, Herefordshire Genealogy  Bisley, Surrey Genealogy  Bjurholm Parish, Västerbotten, Sweden Genealogy
 Bishop's Wood, Worcestershire  Bislig Philippines Family History Center  Bjurholm parish, Sweden
 Bishop's Wood, Worcestershire Genealogy  Bismarck Indian School (North Dakota)  Bjurholm parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Bishop Burton, Yorkshire  Bismarck North Dakota Family History Center  Bjursås Parish, Kopparberg, Sweden Genealogy
 Bishop Burton, Yorkshire Genealogy  Bispebjerg Parish København, København, Denmark  Bjursås parish, Kopparberg, Sweden Genealogy
 Bishop California Family History Center  Bispham, Lancashire  Bjursås parish, Sweden
 Bishop Indian Agency (California)  Bispham, Lancashire Genealogy  Bjursås parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Bishop Indian Reservation (California)  Bissen Commune, Luxembourg  Bjurtjärn Parish, Värmland, Sweden Genealogy
 Bishop Indian School (California)  Bissen Commune, Luxembourg Genealogy  Bjurtjärn Parish, Örebro, Sweden Genealogy
 Bishop Ings, Yorkshire  Bistre, Flintshire  Bjurtjärn parish, Sweden
 Bishop Ings, Yorkshire Genealogy  Bistre, Flintshire, Wales Genealogy  Bjurtjärn parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Bishop Middleham, Durham  Bistre, Flintshire Genealogy  Bjurum parish, Sweden
 Bishop Middleham, Durham Genealogy  Bitburg German Family History Center  Bjuråker Parish, Gävleborg, Sweden Genealogy
 Bishop Middleham, Durham Genealogy moving  Bitburg Germany Family History Center  Bjuråker parish, Sweden
 Bishop Monkton