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 Canada  Canada, Specialized and Ethnic Archives (National Institute)  Canada Land Terminology (National Institute)
 Canada, 1871 Census—English Mortality Schedules  Canada, Studying a Newspaper (National Institute)  Canada Land and Property
 Canada, 3 Important Types of Books (National Institute)  Canada, Understanding Newspaper Bibliographies (National Institute)  Canada Land and Property Records
 Canada, Acadian Immigration (Acadia) (National Institute)  Canada, United Church Archives (National Institute)  Canada Language and Languages
 Canada, Alternate Sources for Birth, Marriage, and Death Information (National Institute)  Canada, University Archives (National Institute)  Canada Location of Passenger Lists (National Institute)
 Canada, Anglican Church Archives (National Institute)  Canada, Using Archival Records (National Institute)  Canada Maps
 Canada, Archives Bibliography (National Institute)  Canada, Western Land Companies (National Institute)  Canada Maps, Atlases, and Gazetteers (National Institute)
 Canada, Archives of Other Religious Groups (National Institute)  Canada, Which Newspaper to Search (National Institute)  Canada Marriage Records (National Institute)
 Canada, Background and Search Strategies for Home Children (National Institute)  Canada, la Grande Bibliothèque du Québec (National Institute)  Canada Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)
 Canada, Baptist Church Archives (National Institute)  Canada - Early Immigration (National Institute)  Canada Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues
 Canada, Census, Civil Registration, Coroner, and Probate Records (National Institute)  Canada - Immigration Groups (National Institute)  Canada Marriages and Burials (National Institute)
 Canada, Census 1871 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada 1871 Census Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Canada Military Records
 Canada, Census 1871 (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Canada Adoption Records  Canada Minorities
 Canada, Census 1881 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Adoption Records (National Institute)  Canada Names, Personal
 Canada, Census 1881 (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Canada Archives and Libraries  Canada Native Races
 Canada, Census 1891 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Biography  Canada Naturalization and Citizenship
 Canada, Census 1891 (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Canada Births and Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Naturalization and Citizenship (National Institute)
 Canada, Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings (National Institute)  Canada Births and Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Canada New Brunswick Deed Record (FamilySearch Historical Records)
 Canada, Difficulties at Archives (National Institute)  Canada Border Crossings, 1925 and later (National Institute)  Canada New Brunswick Deed Record 1780-1941 (FamilySearch Historical Records)
 Canada, Eastern Land Companies (National Institute)  Canada Border Crossings through 1924 (National Institute)  Canada News Advertisement (National Institute)
 Canada, Ethnic Newspapers (National Institute)  Canada Burial Records (National Institute)  Canada Newspaper Advertisement (National Institute)
 Canada, Finding Local and University Archives (National Institute)  Canada Business Records and Commerce  Canada Newspaper Crimes and Accidents (National Institute)
 Canada, Finding and Using Newspapers (National Institute)  Canada Cemeteries  Canada Newspaper Death and Funeral Notices (National Institute)
 Canada, French Immigration (New France) (National Institute)  Canada Census  Canada Newspaper Indexes and Abstracts (National Institute)
 Canada, Fur Trade (National Institute)  Canada Census, 1851 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Newspaper Local News
 Canada, Genealogical Societies Publications (National Institute)  Canada Census, 1851 (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Canada Newspaper Local News (National Institute)
 Canada, Government Changes to Vital Records (National Institute)  Canada Census, 1911 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Newspaper Reports of Crimes and Accidents (National Institute)
 Canada, Helps for Using Records at Local Archives (National Institute)  Canada Census, 1911 (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Canada Newspapers
 Canada, Historical Societies Publications (National Institute)  Canada Census 1851 Index  Canada Newspapers - Births
 Canada, Immigration Groups in British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut (National Institute)  Canada Census 1851 Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Canada Newspapers - Finding and Using (National Institute)
 Canada, Immigration Groups in Ontario and the Prairie Provinces (National Institute)  Canada Census 1871 - French - Mortality Schedule (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Newspapers Marriages (National Institute)
 Canada, Immigration Groups in the Eastern Provinces, except Ontario (National Institute)  Canada Census 1881 Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Canada Notarial Records
 Canada, Immigration Resources for Atlantic Canada and Quebec (National Institute)  Canada Census 1891 Index (FamilySearch Historical Collections)  Canada Nova Scotia Marriages
 Canada, Immigration Resources for British Columbia and the Territories (National Institute)  Canada Census 1891 Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Canada Nova Scotia Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)
 Canada, Immigration Resources for Ontario and the Prairie Provinces (National Institute)  Canada Census 1901 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Nova Scotia Marriages 1864-1918
 Canada, Immigration under British Rule (brief history) (National Institute)  Canada Census 1906 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Obituaries
 Canada, Land, Tax, and Immigration Records in Archives (National Institute)  Canada Census 1916 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Online Collections
 Canada, Locating Local Histories (National Institute)  Canada Census Mortality Schedules (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Online Genealogy Records
 Canada, Lord Selkirk’s Settlements (National Institute)  Canada Church Archives (National Institute)  Canada Passenger Lists (FamilySearch Historical Records)
 Canada, Lutheran Church Archives (National Institute)  Canada Church Bibliographies (National Institute)  Canada Passenger Lists (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues
 Canada, Mennonite and Amish Archives (National Institute)  Canada Church Records  Canada Passenger Lists (National Institute)
 Canada, Merchant Marine Agreements and Accounts of Crews (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Collections  Canada Passenger Lists and Other Immigration Records Bibliography and Suggested Reading (National Institute)
 Canada, Military, Court, Legal, Maps, School, and Voter Records in Archives (National Institute)  Canada Compiled Genealogies  Canada Passports (National Institute)
 Canada, Military, Court, Legal, Maps, School, nd Voter Records in Archives (National Institute)  Canada Corporate and Local Archives (National Institute)  Canada Periodicals
 Canada, Newspaper Ads and Post Office Notices (National Institute)  Canada Court Records  Canada Photographs and Photographers (National Institute)
 Canada, Newspaper Archives (National Institute)  Canada Deaths and Burials (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Post Offices and Postmasters Database (National Institute)
 Canada, Newspaper Birth Notices (National Institute)  Canada Directories  Canada Previous Research, Part 1
 Canada, Newspaper Crime Stories (National Institute)  Canada Divorces (National Institute)  Canada Probate Records
 Canada, Newspaper Death Notices (National Institute)  Canada Early Immigration Bibliography and Suggested Reading (National Institute)  Canada Provincial Archives (National Institute)
 Canada, Newspaper Engagement and Wedding Notices (National Institute)  Canada Emigration and Immigration  Canada Provincial Union Lists of Archival Holdings (National Institute)
 Canada, Newspaper Indexes by Province (National Institute)  Canada First Nations  Canada Publications in Name Search at
 Canada, Newspaper Obituaries (National Institute)  Canada For Further Reading  Canada Quaker Records (National Institute)
 Canada, Newspaper Social News (National Institute)  Canada Gazetteers  Canada Quarantine Stations (National Institute)
 Canada, Newspaper Social Notes and News (National Institute)  Canada Genealogical and Historical Societies' Publications  Canada Record Selection Table
 Canada, Newspaper Wedding Notices (National Institute)  Canada Genealogy  Canada Religious Denominations (National Institute)
 Canada, Obtaining Filmed Newspapers (National Institute)  Canada Historic Maps  Canada Research Tips and Strategies
 Canada, Ontario Roman Catholic Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Canada Historical Geography  Canada Road
 Canada, Other Immigration Records (National Institute)  Canada Historical Newspapers Bibliograhies (National Institute)  Canada Rural Censuses, 1851, 1861, and 1871 (National Institute)
 Canada, Other Notable Immigrant Groups (National Institute)  Canada Historical Newspapers Bibliographies (National Institute)  Canada Rural Censuses, 1901 and 1911 (National Institute)
 Canada, Other Sources Created at the Time of Death (National Institute)  Canada Histories of Towns, Counties, and Provinces  Canada Societies
 Canada, Presbyterian Church Archives (National Institute)  Canada History  Canada Special Immigration Collections (National Institute)
 Canada, Prince Edward Island—Marriage Registers, 1832–1888, Additional Helps  Canada History Links  Canada Specialized Newspapers (National Institute)
 Canada, Prince Edward Island—Marriage Registers, 1832–1888, FAQ  Canada Home Children Bibliography and Suggested Reading (National Institute)  Canada Taxation
 Canada, Prince Edward Island—Marriage Registers, 1832–1888, Overview  Canada Home Children British Sources (National Institute)  Canada Vital Records
 Canada, Prince Edward Island—Marriage Registers, 1832–1888, Project Updates  Canada Home Children Immigration Records (National Institute)  Canada Vital Records Index
 Canada, Problems with Using Newspapers (National Institute)  Canada Home Children Inspection Records (National Institute)  Canada Vital Records Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)
 Canada, Published Census Records (BC, AB, MB, SK, ON) (National Institute)  Canada Home Children Other Sources (National Institute)  Canada Vital Records of Birth, Marriage, and Death
 Canada, Published Census Records (ON, SK, MB, AB, BC) (National Institute)  Canada Immigration, Naturalization, and Passports Bibliography and Suggested Reading (National Institute)  Canada WWII War Brides (National Institute)
 Canada, Published Census Records (QC, NB, NS, PE, NL, NT, YT) (National Institute)  Canada Immigration, Planning and Strategizing (National Institute)  Canada in the U.S. Civil War
 Canada, Quaker Archives (National Institute)  Canada Immigration, The Maroons (National Institute)  Canada in the War of 1812
 Canada, Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers  Canada Immigration, United Empire Loyalists (National Institute)  Canada – Immigration, mid-1700s to mid-1800s (National Institute)
 Canada, Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Canada Immigration, mid-1700s to mid-1800s Bibliography and Suggested Reading (National Institute)  Canada – Overview of Immigration Groups and Resources by Province (National Institute)
 Canada, Reasons People Emigrated (National Institute)  Canada Immigration Background (National Institute)  Canada – Passenger Lists and Other Immigration Records (National Institute)
 Canada, Records at Local Archives (National Institute)  Canada Immigration Groups Bibliography and Suggested Reading (National Institute) and Local Histories (National Institute)
 Canada, Religious Newspapers (National Institute)  Canada Immigration Policies 1867 onwards (National Institute)  Canadian Baptismal Records (National Institute)
 Canada, Roman Catholic Archives (National Institute)  Canada Immigration Policy, 1905-1945 (National Institute)  Canadian Baptismal Records Examples (National Institute)
 Canada, Saskatchewan Provincial Records (FamilySearch Historical Records))  Canada Immigration Policy, Post WWII (National Institute)  Canadian Baptismal Records Overview (National Institute)
 Canada, Seeing What’s Really in a Record (National Archive)  Canada Immigration Service and Ports (National Institute)  Canadian Baptismal Records Peculiarities (National Institute)
 Canada, Seeing What’s Really in a Record (National Institute)  Canada Immigration from the US (National Institute)  Canadian Books Online (National Institute)
 Canada, Settlement of Ontario After the Napoleonic Wars (National Institute)  Canada Independent Adoption Search (National Institute)  Canadian Census-Locating An Individual In A Large City
 Canada, Several Land Companies (National Institute)  Canada Jewish Records  Canadian Census-Locating An Individual In A Large City (National Institute)
 Canada, Some Other Information Found in Birth, Marriage, and Death Records (National Institute)  Canada Land Division Systems (National Institute)  Canadian Census 1881 Index
 Canada, Special Collections (National Institute)  Canada Land Records, The Beginning (National Institute)  Canadian Census 1881 Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)
 Canada, Specialized Archives (National Institute)