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 Caribbean  Carmarthenshire LDS Branches and Meeting Houses  Carrog War Memorial
 Caribbean Births and Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Carmarthenshire Nonconformist Records  Carroll, New Hampshire
 Caribbean Births and Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Carmarthenshire Parishes  Carroll, New York
 Caribbean Deaths and Burials (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Carmarthenshire Poor Law Unions  Carroll County, Arkansas
 Caribbean Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Carmarthenshire Websites  Carroll County, Georgia
 Caribbean Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Carmel, Caernarfonshire  Carroll County, Illinois
 Caribbean Publications in Name Search at  Carmel, Gwynedd  Carroll County, Illinois Courthouse
 Caribbean Vital Records Index  Carmel, Maine  Carroll County, Indiana
 Caribbean Vital Records Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Carmel, New York  Carroll County, Iowa
 Caribel, Idaho  Carmen Ciudad Mexico Family History Center  Carroll County, Kentucky
 Cariboo District, British Columbia  Carmi, Illinois  Carroll County, Maryland
 Caribou, Maine  Carmi Township, White County, Illinois  Carroll County, Mississippi
 Caribou County, Idaho  Carmichael, Lanarkshire, Scotland  Carroll County, Missouri
 Caribou County, Idaho Cemetery Records  Carmichaels, Pennsylvania  Carroll County, New Hampshire
 Caribou County, Idaho LDS Church Stakes and Wards  Carmunnock, Lanarkshire, Scotland  Carroll County, Ohio
 Caribou Maine Family History Center  Carmyllie, Angus, Scotland  Carroll County, Tennessee
 Carigara Philippines Family History Center  Carn Civil Parish, County Kildare  Carroll County, Tennessee Genealogy
 Carinthia  Carn Civil Parish, County Wexford  Carroll County, Virginia
 Carisbrooke, Hampshire  Carnaby, Yorkshire  Carroll County, Virginia Cemeteries
 Carisbrooke St John, Hampshire  Carnagh Civil Parish, County Wexford  Carroll County, Virginia Genealogy
 Carisbrooke St Nicholas, Hampshire  Carnalway Civil Parish, County Kildare  Carroll County, Virginia Militia (Confederate)
 Carlatton, Cumberland  Carnarfon Nonconformist records  Carroll Parish, Louisiana
 Carlaverock, Dumfries-shire, Scotland  Carnarvon, Northern Cape, South Africa  Carroll Plantation, Maine
 Carlaverock, Dumfriesshire, Scotland  Carnbee, Fife, Scotland  Carrollton, Mississippi
 Carlby, Lincolnshire  Carncastle, Antrim  Carrollton, Missouri
 Carleton (Great and Little), Lancashire  Carncastle, Armagh  Carrollton, New York
 Carleton County, New Brunswick  Carnes' Battery, Alabama Artillery  Carrollton Texas Family History Center
 Carleton County, Ontario  Carnew Civil Parish, County Wexford  Carrying Place Plantation, Maine
 Carleton County, Ontario: Populated Places Tables  Carnew Civil Parish, County Wicklow  Carshalton, Surrey
 Carleton Forehoe, Norfolk  Carnforth, Lancashire  Carsington, Derbyshire
 Carleton Rode, Norfolk  Carnguwch, Caernarfonshire  Carson/Stewart Indian School (Nevada)
 Carleton St Peter, Norfolk  Carnguwch, Gwynedd  Carson City, Nevada
 Carleton in Craven, Yorkshire  Carnmenellis, Cornwall  Carson City Nevada Family History Center
 Carletonville Gauteng Family History Centre  Carnmoney, Antrim  Carson County, Nevada
 Carlingford Civil Parish, County Louth  Carno, Powys  Carson County, Texas
 Carlise Record Office  Carnock, Fife, Scotland  Carson Indian Colony (Nevada)
 Carlisle, Cumberland  Carnteel, Tyrone  Carson Valley Indian Agency (Nevada)
 Carlisle, Massachusetts  Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Scotland  Carsphairn, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland
 Carlisle, New York  Caro Michigan Family History Center  Carstairs, Lanarkshire, Scotland
 Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania (Regular Army)  Caroga, New York  Cartagena Colombia Family History Center
 Carlisle Cathedral, Cumbria  Caroline, New York  Cartagena Colombia Los Alpes Family History Center
 Carlisle Christ Church, Cumberland  Caroline County, Maryland  Cartagena Spain Family History Center
 Carlisle County, Kentucky  Caroline County, Virginia  Carter's Company, Texas Infantry (Austin City Light Infantry) (Confederate)
 Carlisle England Family History Center  Caroline County, Virginia Cemeteries  Carter County, Kentucky
 Carlisle England Family History Centre  Caroline County, Virginia Genealogy  Carter County, Missouri
 Carlisle Holy Trinity, Cumberland  Caron-is-clawdd, Cardiganshire  Carter County, Montana
 Carlisle Indian Industrial School (Pennsylvania)  Caron-uwch-clawdd, Cardiganshire  Carter County, Oklahoma
 Carlisle Pennsylvania Family History Center  Caron is Clawdd, Ceredigion  Carter County, Tennessee
 Carlisle St Cuthbert, Cumberland  Caron uwch Clawdd, Ceredigion  Carter County, Tennessee Genealogy
 Carlisle St Mary, Cumberland  Carondelet Regiment, US Reserve Corps, Missouri Home Guard (Union)  Carter County, Wyoming
 Carlow Civil Parish, County Carlow  Carondelet Regiment, US Reserve Corps, Missouri Home Guard Union Missouri  Carter Indian Agency (Wisconsin)
 Carlsbad City Library  Carpathian Ruthenia  Carter Seminary (Oklahoma)
 Carlsbad New Mexico Family History Center  Carpenter's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (Alleghany Rough Artillery) (Confederate)  Carteret County, North Carolina
 Carlton  Carpenter Point, Cecil County, Maryland  Carteret County, South Carolina
 Carlton's Company, Georgia Artillery (Troup Artillery) (Confederate)  Carr House and Elm Field, Yorkshire  Carteret Precinct, North Carolina
 Carlton's Company, Georgia Artillery (Troup County Artillery)  Carrabassett Valley, Maine  Cartersville Georgia Family History Center
 Carlton's Company, Georgia Artillery (Troup County Artillery) (Confederate)  Carragh Civil Parish, County Kildare  Carterville, Illinois
 Carlton's Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry  Carran Civil Parish, County Clare  Carthage, Maine
 Carlton's Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry (Confederate)  Carriacou, Grenada  Carthage, Mississippi
 Carlton, Bedfordshire  Carriacou Parish, Grenada  Carthage, Missouri
 Carlton, Durham  Carribean Births and Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Cartmel, Lancashire
 Carlton, Leicestershire  Carrick Civil Parish, County Kildare  Cartmel Fell, Lancashire
 Carlton, New York  Carrick Civil Parish, County Meath  Caruaru Brazil Family History Center
 Carlton-cum-Willingham  Carrick Civil Parish, County Tipperary  Caruther's Battery, Tennessee Heavy Artillery
 Carlton-cum-Willingham, Cambridgeshire  Carrick Civil Parish, County Westmeath  Caruthers California Family History Center
 Carlton Colville, Suffolk  Carrick Civil Parish, County Wexford  Caruthersville, Missouri
 Carlton County, Minnesota  Carrickbaggot Civil Parish, County Louth  Carvell's Provost Guard (Arkansas)
 Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire  Carrickfergus, Antrim  Carvell's Provost Guard (Arkansas) (Confederate)
 Carlton Husthwaite, Yorkshire  Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland  Carver, Massachusetts
 Carlton Miniott, Yorkshire  Carrier Mills, Illinois  Carver County, Minnesota
 Carlton Scroope, Lincolnshire  Carrigaline Civil Parish, County Cork  Carway, Carmarthenshire
 Carlton in Cleveland, Yorkshire  Carrigallen Civil Parish, County Leitrim  Cary, Maine
 Carlton in Lindrick, Nottinghamshire  Carrigdownane Civil Parish, County Cork  Cary Plantation, Maine
 Carlton le Moorland, Lincolnshire  Carrigleamleary Civil Parish, County Cork  Carúpano Venezuela Family History Center
 Carlton near Snaith, Yorkshire  Carrigparson Civil Parish, County Limerick  Casa Grande Arizona Family History Center
 Carlton near Stokesley, Yorkshire  Carrigrohane Civil Parish, County Cork  Casa Grande Peru Family History Center
 Carlton on Trent, Nottinghamshire  Carrigrohanebeg Civil Parish, County Cork  Cascade, Idaho
 Carluke, Lanarkshire, Scotland  Carrigtohill Civil Parish, County Cork  Cascade, Valley County, Idaho
 Carlyss, Louisiana  Carrington's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (Charlottesville Artillery) (Confederate)  Cascade County, Montana
 Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire  Carrington, Cheshire  Cascade Idaho Family History Center
 Carmarthen-St. Peter or St. Peters, Carmarthenshire  Carrington, Lincolnshire  Cascavel Brazil Family History Center
 Carmarthenshire  Carrington, Midlothian, Scotland  Casco, Maine
 Carmarthenshire, Wales  Carrington, Nottinghamshire  Casey, Iowa
 Carmarthenshire Census Surname Index