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 Rhode Island  Rhos-maen, Carmarthenshire  Richardson's Company, Virginia Artillery (James City Artillery) (Confederate)
 Rhode Island, District Court Naturalization Indexes (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosbeirio, Anglesey  Richardson's Independent Company, Indiana Volunteers
 Rhode Island, Naturalization Index of U.S. District Court (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhoscolyn, Anglesey  Richardson's Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia, 6 months (Union)
 Rhode Island, State Births Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosddu, Ceredigion  Richardson County, Kansas
 Rhode Island, State Census, 1885 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosddu, Wrexham  Richardson County, Nebraska
 Rhode Island, State Census, 1905 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosdhu, Cardiganshire  Richardson Regiment, (6 months) Enrolled Missouri Militia (Union)
 Rhode Island, State Census, 1905 (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Rhosesmor War Memorial  Richardson Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia, 6 months (Union)
 Rhode Island, State Census, 1915 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosferig, Breconshire  Richardson Texas Family History Center
 Rhode Island, State Census, 1925 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosllannerchrugog  Richardstown Civil Parish, County Louth
 Rhode Island, State Census, 1935 (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosllannerchrugog, Wrexham  Richardville County, Indiana
 Rhode Island, Town Births Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosllannerchrugog War Memorial  Richelieu County, Quebec
 Rhode Island, Town Clerk, Vital and Town Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosmaen, Carmarthenshire  Richfield, Idaho
 Rhode Island, Town Deaths Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosmynach, Anglesey  Richfield, Lincoln County, Idaho
 Rhode Island, Town Marriages Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhostie, Ceredigion  Richfield, New York
 Rhode Island, Vital records (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhostïe, Cardiganshire  Richfield, Utah LDS Wards and Branches
 Rhode Island: Swedish American  Rhostïe, Ceredigion  Richfield Springs, New York
 Rhode Island 1885 State Census, (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosymedre  Richfield Utah Family History Center
 Rhode Island 1885 State Census (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhosymedre, Wrexham  Richford, New York
 Rhode Island 1905 Census (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhuddlan, Denbighshire  Richford, Vermont
 Rhode Island 1905 State Census  Rhuddlan, Flintshire  Richland, New York
 Rhode Island 1905 State Census (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhuddlan War Memorial  Richland, Oregon
 Rhode Island 1905 State Census (FamilySearch Historical Records), Known Issues  Rhyd-y-bryw, Breconshire  Richland COSCtopics
 Rhode Island 1905 State Census (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Rhydlewis, Cardiganshire  Richland Center, Wisconsin
 Rhode Island 1905 State Census (FamilySearch Historical Records) Known Issues  Rhydlewis, Ceredigion  Richland County, Illinois
 Rhode Island 1915 State Census (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhydwilym, Carmarthenshire  Richland County, Illinois Courthouse
 Rhode Island 1915 State Census Records  Rhydwilym or Rhyd-wilym, Carmarthenshire  Richland County, Montana
 Rhode Island 1925 State Census  Rhydybriw, Breconshire  Richland County, North Dakota
 Rhode Island 1925 State Census (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhydycroesau, Shropshire  Richland County, Ohio
 Rhode Island 1935 Census  Rhydycroseau  Richland County, South Carolina
 Rhode Island 1935 Census (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhydycroseau, Shropshire  Richland County, South Carolina African Americans
 Rhode Island Archives and Libraries  Rhydymwyn, Flintshire  Richland County, South Carolina Archives, Libraries, and Museums
 Rhode Island Bible Records  Rhyl, Denbighshire  Richland County, South Carolina Biography
 Rhode Island Biography  Rhyl, Flintshire  Richland County, South Carolina Cemeteries
 Rhode Island Births and Christenings (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Rhyl Wales Family History Center  Richland County, South Carolina Census
 Rhode Island Births and Christenings (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Rhyl Wales Family History Centre  Richland County, South Carolina Church Records
 Rhode Island Cemeteries  Rhyl War Memorial  Richland County, South Carolina Court Records
 Rhode Island Census  Rhymney, Monmouthshire  Richland County, South Carolina Directories
 Rhode Island Censuses Existing and Lost  Rhynd, Perthshire, Scotland  Richland County, South Carolina Genealogy
 Rhode Island Church Records  Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland  Richland County, South Carolina History Local
 Rhode Island Civil War Union Artillery Units  Rhône  Richland County, South Carolina Land and Property
 Rhode Island Civil War Union Cavalry Units  Riala parish, Sweden  Richland County, South Carolina Maps
 Rhode Island Civil War Union Colored Troops  Rialto California Family History Center  Richland County, South Carolina Migration
 Rhode Island Civil War Union Infantry Units  Ribbesford, Worcester  Richland County, South Carolina Military Records
 Rhode Island Civil War Union Unassigned Units  Ribbesford, Worcestershire  Richland County, South Carolina Naturalization and Citizenship
 Rhode Island Civil War Union Units 1st through 20th  Ribby cum Wrea, Lancashire  Richland County, South Carolina Newspapers
 Rhode Island County, Rhode Island  Ribchester, Lancashire  Richland County, South Carolina Periodicals
 Rhode Island County Creation Dates and Parent Counties  Ribe: Military Lægd Numbers  Richland County, South Carolina Probate Records
 Rhode Island Court Records  Ribe: Military Lægd Numbers after 1870  Richland County, South Carolina Research Guides
 Rhode Island Deaths and Burials (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Ribe County, Denmark  Richland County, South Carolina Societies
 Rhode Island Digital Collections  Ribe Domkirke Kapellan Parish, Ribe, Denmark  Richland County, South Carolina Taxation
 Rhode Island Directories  Ribe Domsogn Parish, Ribe, Denmark  Richland County, South Carolina Vital Records
 Rhode Island Emigration and Immigration  Ribe Parish, Ribe, Denmark  Richland County, South Carolina Websites
 Rhode Island For Further Reading  Ribe Skt. Katharinæ Parish, Ribe, Denmark  Richland County, Utah
 Rhode Island Gazetteers  Ribeirão Pires Brazil Family History Center  Richland County, Wisconsin
 Rhode Island Genealogy  Ribeirão Preto Brazil Leste Family History Center  Richland District, South Carolina
 Rhode Island Historical Society  Ribeirão Preto Brazil Oeste Family History Center  Richland Parish, Louisiana
 Rhode Island History  Riberalta Bolivia Family History Center  Richland Township, Iowa
 Rhode Island Introduction  Riby, Lincolnshire  Richland Washington Family History Center
 Rhode Island Land and Property  Riccall, Yorkshire  Richmond, Maine
 Rhode Island Maps  Riccarton, Ayr, Scotland  Richmond, Massachusetts
 Rhode Island Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Riccarton Church Record  Richmond, Missouri
 Rhode Island Military Records  Rice's Battery, Mississippi Artillery  Richmond, New Hampshire
 Rhode Island Native Races  Rice's Battery, Tennessee Light Artillery  Richmond, New York
 Rhode Island Naturalization and Citizenship  Rice's Company, Georgia Cavalry  Richmond, Ontario, New York
 Rhode Island Newspapers  Rice's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Confederate)  Richmond, Rhode Island
 Rhode Island Non-Population Schedule Indexes: Fiche, Film, or Book  Rice's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (8th Star Artillery) (New Market Artillery)Rice's Battery (also called Eighth Star or New Market Artillery)(Confederate)  Richmond, Richmond, New York
 Rhode Island Online Collections  Rice County, Kansas  Richmond, Surrey
 Rhode Island Online Genealogy Records  Rice County, Minnesota  Richmond, Utah
 Rhode Island Periodicals  Rice Station Indian School (Arizona)  Richmond, Utah LDS Church Wards and Branches
 Rhode Island Population Schedule Indexes: Fiche, Film, or Book  Rich's Independent Company, Pennsylvania Infantry (3 months, 1863)  Richmond, Vermont
 Rhode Island Probate Records  Rich County, Utah  Richmond, Virginia
 Rhode Island Societies  Rich County, Utah LDS Church Stakes and Wards  Richmond, Virginia Cemeteries
 Rhode Island State Archives  Rich Text Editor  Richmond, Yorkshire
 Rhode Island Taxation  Richard's Castle  Richmond-Williamsburg Road
 Rhode Island Town Records  Richard's Castle, Herefordshire  Richmond (Staten Island) County, New York
 Rhode Island Vital Records  Richard's Castle, Shropshire  Richmond (Staten Island) County, New York Courthouse
 Rhode Island Vital Records Index  Richards' Company, Mississippi Light Artillery (Madison Light Artillery)  Richmond (Staten Island) County, New York Courthouses
 Rhode Island Vital Records Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Richards Bay Kwazulu-Natal Family History Centre  Richmond Area Historical and Genealogical Society
 Rhode Island in the Civil War  Richardson's Battalion, Confederate Light Artillery(Confederate)  Richmond Cadets, Virginia (Confederate)
 Rhode Island in the War of 1812  Richardson's Battalion, Confederate Light Artillery (Confederate)  Richmond County, Georgia
 Rhodes' Company, Mississippi Cavalry (Partisan Rangers)  Richardson's Company, Alabama State Reserve  Richmond County, New York
 Rhodes Point, Maryland  Richardson's Company, Spies, Scouts and Messengers, Missouri Home Guard (Union)  Richmond County, North Carolina
 Rhodogeidio, Anglesey  Richardson's Company, Spies, Scouts and Messengers, Missouri Home Guard Union Missouri  Richmond County, Nova Scotia
 Rhodt unter Rietburg, Bayern (Pfalz), Germany