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Collaborate Through Surname Research

As people add facts to their genealogy trees, we give the user the ability to share their data with other researchers through our Ancestors Search Tool. We feel this is a way to communicate with others that are building trees with the same surnames that may help you with your research. Limited information is viewable during a search. We provide the users the ability to communicate with each other and it is up them, as to how much information they want to share.

Genealogy Wiki

A wiki is another collaboration tool that can be used to find information about a particular subject. Our Genealogy Wiki is powered by FamilySearch and offers access to thousands of articles and databases to help users trace their ancestors.

Access New FamilySearch

Search and add people from New FamilySearch directly to your tree, as well as add people from your tree to New FamilySearch

Share your Sources with other Researchers

We realize that not all sources are easy to find and some take many years to discover. Researchers often have traveled to a location just to trace their ancestors and fill their genealogical holes with hard to find documents.

Genealogy resource source list

We have provided a feature that allows users to share their sources with other researchers. We will not use these sources for the companies benefit by reselling them in any way.

If you have shared a source that you want removed from the database, you can easily do that by checking the unshare Sources Button.

Genealogy Research Links

We provide access to reputable genealogy links, most of which are free. Our links are updated and new ones are added every month. From these links you can find family history information and grow your family tree.


Trace your Ancestors with Documents and Build a Concise Family History

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Creating Better Family Trees

This document explores what genealogy sources are and how they affect the credibility of a person's family tree.
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GEDCOM Files and Sync Issues

Learn how genealogy programs work from a technical standpoint and why genealogy programs do not always sync your data from one application to another.
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Techniques and Tools for Genealogy Research

Discover new ways to find missing information as well as use a 28 step research process to stay organized and focused with your tasks.
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