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About Our Family Tree Builder

With so many choices to create a family tree, a genealogy hobbyist can be overwhelmed with what program to use, how to start their tree, discover what to add, how to organize their data, and make sense of their ancestors and their stories. Our tools and features are sure to help you with all of your family tree builder needs.

Discover your Family History and Create your Tree

Plant your family tree with us and experience features and functions never before available, whether stand-alone PC or web based software. The ourFamily.ology application is easy to learn and fun to use. It is simple enough for the beginner, yet sophisticated enough for the most demanding professional genealogist.

Education and Knowledge Helps to Grow your Tree

Our research team spends time to develop family history articles, genealogy links, and ancestry research tips that can help point you in the right direction when trying to discover how to find a historical document and conduct genealogy research. Please check back often, as we are constantly adding to the available list.

Support to Help Nurture your Tree

When you start to build your tree, you will need assistance with learning how the program works. With our program, you will have weekly emails for the first couple of months to help you get familiar with the ins and outs of the program. We also provide online chat support, to help you with your individual technical issues. When we are not online, users can log their questions and they will be answered during business hours. If you like learning by seeing, we offer video tutorials that can be viewed anytime. For quick reference, we also have a searchable user's manual that will be sure to come in handy when you are getting familiar with our features.

Security is Important for your Tree

We know the hard work and time it takes to build a family tree and add all your important data. We take pride in securing and storing your data in dedicated password protected files on redundant servers in a state-of-the-art data center.

Community and Genealogy Causes

We support, encourage, and applaud all genealogy causes that help genealogists discover their family history. As such, we are members of the National Genealogical Society and Genealogical Society of Bergen County. We are FamilySearch Certified , and have made donations to several non-profit genealogy organizations, including
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To Educate, inspire and grow genealogy to be the #1 hobby in the world.
To lead the effort of building well researched and accurately documented fact supported family histories that can be shared with confidence.
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If you are new to genealogy or already dabble in family history, may you find a new family heirloom, by uncovering the next piece of hidden family information.