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Feature: OurFamily•0logy Ancestry myHeritage Geni OneGreatFamily TribalPages
Alerts for possible information errors Yes No No No No Yes
Attach people from one file into another and all subsequent changes for that person are recorded seamlessly across all files. Yes No No No No No
Ability to detach people Yes No No No Yes No
Merge two specific people Yes No No No No No
Add multiple parents for any child Yes No No No No No
Provides marriage & child parent relationship options Yes No No No No No
Offers technical and general support through an online support system to answer specific questions Yes No No No No No
Real Time Support through Chat Yes No No No No No
Can restore files from either yesterday or the day before Yes ? ? ? ? ?
Ability to create custom events Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Edit and rename custom events Yes No No No No No
Merge existing events for a single person, or everyone Yes No No No No No
Attach sources to events Yes Yes No No No No
Attach media to multiple people or events without having to enter event information again Yes Yes No No No No
Update locations easily Yes No No No No No
Color coded progress rating chart, making it easy to see where you need to do research Yes No No No No No
Filter and sort with advanced features Yes No Yes Yes No No
Create multiple files, able to merge notes, sources, ancestors, descendants, or information from each file Yes No No No No Yes
Ability to create tasks to help prioritize your research Yes No No No No No
Store media files & sources not attached to a person Yes No No No No No
Upload Avi files Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Add common file types: word, rtf, txt Yes Yes Yes No No No
Delete media files Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Add multiple page PDF files Yes Yes Yes No No No
Store media files by person and cross filed in folders set up by the user Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Add sources, media, or Information and mark private so visitors can't view them Yes No No No No No
Find and view media files, by person, location, or folder Yes No No No No No
Offers more than 10 different reports, charts or lists Yes No No No No No
Invite Visitors & Contributors
Contributors can add and edit information with advanced controls Yes Yes No No No No
Living information can be made private for 6 separate fields, giving advanced controls to the administrator Yes Yes No No No Yes
Ability to track all changes made by contributors Yes No No No No No
File Management:
Import GEDCOM files Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Export Partial Trees in GEDCOM format Yes No No No No No
Ability to copy a source and use it as a template Yes No No No No No
Rate sources for its quality, reliability, and information Yes No No No No No
The cumulation of sources for a person helps users to see where they need to do more research Yes No No No No No
Sources show what events and relationships have been verified Yes No No No No No


How to Build Concise Documented Family Histories

Adobe PDF  E-Reader

Creating Better Family Trees

This document explores what genealogy sources are and how they affect the credibility of a person's family tree.
Adobe PDF  E-Reader

GEDCOM Files and Sync Issues

Learn how genealogy programs work from a technical standpoint and why genealogy programs do not always sync your data from one application to another.
Adobe PDF  E-Reader

Techniques and Tools for Genealogy Research

Discover new ways to find missing information as well as use a 28 step research process to stay organized and focused with your tasks.
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Program Features
Unique Features
Color Coded Family Progress Rating Chart
Source Rating Calculator
Easy Tracking Features
Ability to recall changes
Link people across multiple trees
Add documents for use later
Prioritize your tasks
Research Tools
Over 1,000 genealogy research links
Access New FamilySearch
Genealogy Wiki
Collaborate with other researchers
Online Program Management
Web enabled genealogy program
MAC and PC friendly
Import GEDCOM files
Export partial GEDCOM files
Build multiple trees
Data Entry
Add LDS Ordinances
Create and manage custom events
Automatic date format
Relationship options
Merge, link, detach, or delete people
Checks and Balance
File and people statistics
Monitor all your changes
Privacy options
Automatic check for data entry errors
Program Features
View, add, and edit sources
View, add, and edit notes
View, add, and edit tasks
View, add, and edit media
Add documents, even multiple page PDF files
Import multiple images at a time
Send messages to contributors, visitors & researchers
Program Tools
Date calculator
Relationship calculator
Map your ancestors
Update locations easily
Document Organization
Cross file documents easily
Quickly link attachments to multiple people
Filter and sort documents and media
View, Print, & Export
Sharing Your Genealogy
Invite people to view your website
Invite contributors to help build your tree
Privacy options for people and documents
Help desk for technical issues
Online video tutorials
Online users guide
Genealogy research hints and tips
Back-up of last 2 saves
SSL secure website
Password login required for everyone