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Family Tree Software Subscribers can conveniently search, access, and add genealogical information from FamilySearch into their website through our program.

Unique Progress Tracking

Our family tree application has a unique color coded chart that helps you see where you need to do more genealogy research based on your criteria. For the first time genealogists will easily gain a sense of ‘the big picture’ of where they are and what they should work on next within their family tree – all at a single glance.


Why be stuck to a PC program, when you can access your data from any computer, any time, that is connected to the internet. Either at home or when you are on the road conducting genealogy research, you can easily access your database and make changes to your family tree using our application.

Family Index

Our family tree software application has an incorporated family index that has advanced search features so you can search by birth, death, notes, or places. It also contains special icons so you can easily see who has unlikely family information. It also contains another icon that lets you see who is attached to multiple files in your database. By having a person attached in multiple files, you can update the person from any of the files, seamlessly. This feature is only found in our program.

Genealogy Program Tools

Our family tree application has the following tools:
  • A date and relationship calculator
  • Map your ancestors, descendents and living relatives
  • Merge people, as well as, attach them to multiple files
  • Manage your locations, by making mass updates to records easily
  • Source rating calculator that helps you understand the rating of one, two, or three sources for a person in your family tree

Collaborative Genealogy Research

You might want your aunt to help you build your family tree. By giving her access rights to our family tree software application she can add or edit information about a certain relative. Thus your database is secure from changes. Your data will not be disturbed or changed without your permission.

Our family tree application allows you to have up to 5 contributors working on your family tree. Contributors can only make changes to information they added, not being able to edit another contributor’s added information. You can monitor who did what changes and additions through your file stats audit trail.

Source Management

Our application gives the user the ability to link a source, document, story, etc. to more than one family member with just a couple of clicks, which is a huge time saving feature. We also have a special Icon so you can easily see who you linked the information to

Family Tree Software

Sharing your Family History

Through our family tree software application you can share your data with anyone who you give access to. Your guests will be able to see your family tree with all the documents, photos, facts, stories, etc., that you have not marked private in your application. Users also decide what vital information to keep private for living persons.

Visualize your Family Information

Check-out our interactive family, descendant and pedigree views. Our reports and various features will help you to see your data in ways you have not been able to do with other genealogy software programs.

We Make Organization Easy

Manage your information with all of our family tree tools. Tasks, documents, sources and progress tracking has never been easier.

Have you ever done something and didn’t remember what you just did? You don’t have to worry any more. Our application tracks your changes and you can see them in a report.

Create tasks lists that contain several fields to help you stay on track with your research. You can set reminders to view your tasks that are coming due in the next 30 days and what is overdue. This helps to organize your data efficiently so you can easily understand what you have added to your family tree. We organize your research and sources in such a way, that you can easily understand what you have done for a person, and what still needs to be done through our progress rating chart and a person report can help you grow your family tree.

View all your documents, photos, sources, notes, tasks, events by person or by content category to easily make changes to your data. View documents and print reports with various fields that help you understand details for each person in your tree. Photos and documents are stored in folders and web albums set up by the user to easily view your media by person, or by folder.

Program Support Options

We understand the need for support. We have a built-in feature that helps the user with general and technical issues. Users can send an Email through the program and will get a case number for each question that is asked, which will be promptly answered. We also have a built in help assistant that you can browse to answer most questions.

Our support is far reaching. We have many genealogy links that will help you with your genealogy research. We also have a built-in feature so you can share your sources with other researchers through your family tree.

Security for your Data

We are experts in data security management. Your data is safe and secure with SSL encryption and we back up your data on redundant servers. We are not going to copy your data or resell it in any way. Your hard work is yours to share with your family, or not.

As another precaution, everyone is required to have a separate log-in and password to access your private and public web-site, so you can tell who logged in and when.

Import and Export Documents and Files

Our application uses standard family tree programming file extensions. If you have .GED files, you can import as well as export your data. With our family tree software application, if you have added documents, letters, journals, stories, interviews, family books, medical records, military information, maps, photos, etc. they will automatically be part of your website, and shared with your friends and family, as long as you have not marked the attachment as private. If you mark it as private, only you and your collaborative team will be able to view these documents.

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Migration, Deeds, and Maps
Building Family Proof
Plan and Organize Your Research
Family Tree Software
Research Family Heritage
Genealogy Charts
Program Features
Unique Features
Color Coded Family Progress Rating Chart
Source Rating Calculator
Easy Tracking Features
Ability to recall changes
Link people across multiple trees
Add documents for use later
Prioritize your tasks
Research Tools
Over 1,000 genealogy research links
Access New FamilySearch
Genealogy Wiki
Collaborate with other researchers
Online Program Management
Web enabled genealogy program
MAC and PC friendly
Import GEDCOM files
Export partial GEDCOM files
Build multiple trees
Data Entry
Add LDS Ordinances
Create and manage custom events
Automatic date format
Relationship options
Merge, link, detach, or delete people
Checks and Balance
File and people statistics
Monitor all your changes
Privacy options
Automatic check for data entry errors
Program Features
View, add, and edit sources
View, add, and edit notes
View, add, and edit tasks
View, add, and edit media
Add documents, even multiple page PDF files
Import multiple images at a time
Send messages to contributors, visitors & researchers
Document Organization
Date calculator
Relationship calculator
Map your ancestors
Update locations easily
Ancestry Family Tree
Cross file documents easily
Quickly link attachments to multiple people
Filter and sort documents and media
View, Print, & Export
Sharing Your Genealogy
Invite people to view your website
Invite contributors to help build your tree
Privacy options for people and documents
Help desk for technical issues
Online video tutorials
Online users guide
Genealogy research hints and tips
Back-up of last 2 saves
SSL secure website
Password login required for everyone