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Record Search:
New -  Search and match sources
Record search is a new feature that we have introduced to help users discover FREE records that match details of a person in a family tree. It searches for birth, death, and living constraints.
Data Integrity:
Unique! 5 generation color coded chart Easily see your progress for 5 generations at a glance (that is at least 15 people) no matter what module you are working in. This is designed to help you see your progress, and steadily move you forward with your research.
Customize! Source Rating Calculator You decide what you want to track and visually see how 3 sources can be rated according to what is important to you!
Clean up! Alerts for possible information discrepancies We capture more than 17 different possible errors caused from data entry to ensure you have the most reliable data and is a tremendous help when doing research.
Clean up! Update locations easily Have accurate consistent data throughout your tree to make searching and analysis a breeze.
Customize! Store media files Quickly add files to a person and attach to multiple people without having to add to each person individually. Recall becomes quick and flexible as you cross file by folder, location, index/tag info, and by person!
Time Saver! Filter and sort with advanced features Being able to find a person, a document, or note that meets certain criteria, becomes effortless in retrieving data.
Unique! Store media files & sources not attached to a person Storing extra documents becomes simple while you decide what to do with them.
Customize! Create custom events Add personal events or ceremonies to make your family tree complete.
Clean up! Edit and rename custom events Imagine being able to clean up misspelled or rename events for a single person or everyone attached to the event!
Clean up! Merge existing events for a single person or everyone Easily have more consistant data in your tree.
Clean up! Add Sources to Existing Events or Events to Existing Sources Rapidly clean up any event in a variety of ways.
Useful! Add Avi files Upload and preserve your old family videos and view fond memories.
Useful! Add common file types: word, rtf, txt, etc. Upload all your documents to make your family tree come to life.
Useful! Easily add multiple page PDF files You don't have to find ways to split your documents before adding them to your family tree.
Time Saver! Attach media to multiple people Save time and file space by attaching files to multiple people with a click of a button.
Customize! Add media and mark private With advanced controls, you decide who sees what attachments you have.
Time Saver! Copy a source and use it as a template Save countless hours of data entry and makes new sources easy.
Clean up! Unlink an Event or Media file from an existing Source Rapidly clean up any source in a variety of ways.
Unique! Rate sources for quality, reliability, information, and important relationships Sources are rated individually and cumulatively so you know where you are with each person in your tree and makes your data more reliable knowing what has been verified.
Customize! Add sources and mark private Like media files, you decide what information you want to keep private. This gives you ultimate sharing control with your visitors.
Useful! Attach sources to events or add events to sources This is a huge proof building tool that helps to validate details you have added for a person.
Useful! Add notes with attachments Adding personal information and stories with attachments is a great way to share family details.
Useful! Create tasks to help prioritize your goals Stay focused with your desired goals by setting priority and due dates.
Special Fetures about People:
Unique! Attach people from one file into another If you like to separate your family by branch you can save them in separate files, and link the common person across the trees. If you update the person in any of the files, the data will be seamlessly updated across all the files!
Clean up! Ability to detach people If you find you have accidentally attached a person as a parent, spouse, or child, you can easily unattach the person without having to delete the person from your file and possibly end up deleting important details.
Clean up! Merge two specific people Effortlessly merge people and decide what data to keep.
Important! Add multiple parents for any child Recording the whole family dynamic is important to your success of your genealogy research and telling the whole family story.
Important! Marriage & child parent relationship options Add the proper relationship between a child and the person raising them, as well as, marital status between spouses ensures the right lineage is recorded and preserved.
Visitors & Contributors:
Customize! Access and control for contributors Create contributor profiles for each person and decide the level of access to each module with the choice of: read only, no access, and full access.
Customize! Access for visitors Visitor profiles are given read access only and you decide what information for living people is viewable.
Unique! Ability to track all changes The audit trail tracks all changes made by you and your contributors so you understand the state of your family tree.
File Management:
Useful! Import GEDCOM files Get started right away by importing your family tree file.
Useful! Export Partial Trees in GEDCOM format You control what information gets exported.
Useful! Offers more than 15 different reports, charts or lists Visually see your family tree data in various formats.
Customize! Date format options Don't be stuck with only one option for entering dates! Choose from 6 different formats.
Handy! Relationship calculator Discover and visually see how any two people in your tree are related.
Handy! Date calculator Calculate a beginning or ending date for any event.
Handy! Map tool Visualize where your ancestors were born in a map view.
Handy! Family Tree Sharing Collaboration with other researchers to further your family tree.
Handy! People match Get alerts when there is a possible ancestor match (this depends on if the customer has opted in for this feature or not)
Handy! FamilySearch Search the FamilySearch Tree and add data from your tree to the FamilySearch tree and vice versa
Handy! Genealogy Wiki Further your genealogy knowledge and grow your family tree with sources, articles and more.
Handy! Source sharing Share your sources with other researchers to help them build their family tree.
Handy! Research links Access over 1,000 research links to help you with discovering new information about your family history.
Big + Real time support through chat During business hours we are happy to assist with technical questions in real time, so you can get on with your next task at hand.
Big + Online ticketing support system We are happy to answer customer questions by responding to individual tickets, during off business hours.
Big + Online help manual Another support option includes a searchable, indexed, easy to follow, step by step guide to learn how to use our program.
Big + Unique! Ability to restore files from either yesterday or the day before If you or a contributor made changes that you don't want, we can restore your data up to 2 days later.
Big + SSL and redundant servers Rest easy knowing your data is secure with SSL and backed up on redundant servers.
FREE consultation to get your family tree started We take the confusion out of building a family tree with research and entering family data with one on one consultations.
FREE analysis of GEDCOM files If you need help with next steps for an ancestor we will analyze your data to offer research tips.
Gifts are perfect for yourself or a loved one Our staff can build your family tree and do customized research at affordable prices.
Program Features
File Options
Export partial or full GEDCOM
Privacy Options for documents
Privacy Options for living people
Setup profiles and permissions for your guests
Send messages and documents
Build multiple trees
You decide how to enter dates
Custom Facts
LDS Options
Family Tree Capabilities
Add, edit, or delete people
Merge, attach & detach people
across trees
Add multiple spouses
Add multiple parents
Set child parent relationships (adoption, foster, etc)
Set spouse relationships
Add, and edit information
in a Family View
Add, and edit information in a Pedigree View
Easily add, edit, and delete events
Add multiple notes and attachments for each person
Create, prioritze, and setup reminders for tasks
Spot data entry issues with birth, death, and marriages
Source Calculator
Progress Rating Chart
Relationship Calculator
Date Caluculator
Map Ancestors
Update locations easily
Tree Stats
Charts / Reports / Lists
Bow Tie
Photo Tree
Family Fact Sheet
Family members
Easily add, edit, delete, attach files to multiple people
View media in a slide show
View media in albums
Index media for easy recall and
cross filing
Insert videos
Add almost every type of file
Import multiple images at a time
Common Ancestor
Research Wiki
Research Links
Quick links to move to cmost used screens
Utilities & Support
Multiple Browser Support
Mac and PC Friendly
Ability to recall your data from the last 2 days
SSL secure website
Password login required for
Monitor all your changes through
an audit trail
Tech support: Online Ticketing System & Live Chat
Online help manual