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Charts help to visualize your ancestry from a descendant’s view, a pedigree view, a family view, and bow tie visual. Some programs will allow users to customize these charts with optional information that can be printed along with the person’s name, such as: birth date and place, marriage date and place, death date and place. Most programs also provide the ability to choose the number of generations and options to export the results. If you need to download and print blank forms, see the link on the right for free charts and forms.

Descendants Visual

A descendant's chart is a table that starts with an ancestor and lists their offspring in chronological order. The person chosen from a file will be at the top of the page with their spouse. The next row(s) of information will be their children and their children’s spouse. The next row of information is the grandchildren, and so on, making it easy to see each generation at a glance. Many programs will let you decide how many generations to include in your report.

Descendants Chart

Pedigree Visual

A pedigree view of a family ancestry a focus person. The person’s father and direct ancestors (his parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so forth) are listed to the right of the person and on the top half of the page. Each generation is cascaded further to the right. Information for the person’s mother and her ancestors will be displayed on the bottom half of the page.

Pedigree Chart

Family Visual

Genealogy charts for a family view is formatted like a report. It starts with an ancestor, then their spouse, and then their children. Usually all known facts and sources are listed in this report. Some programs will also print notes for people included in the report.

Family Genealogy Chart

Bow Tie Visual

This chart has the same information as a pedigree chart but is presented graphically different. Some programs will show the results like a “bow tie”. The starting person is in the middle, considered "the knot". The maternal side will be on one side of "the knot" and the paternal side will show up on the opposite side. The ancestors of the parents fan out, layer by layer, for each generation that is included in the report. Some programs will graphically show it in a top and bottom view, instead of a left to right view. (Thus turning the bow tie ninety degrees). Again, the mother’s side will be represented on one side of the page and the father’s direct ancestors on the other side.

Bow Tie Chart

Progress Rating Chart

We have a unique genealogy chart that helps users see where they need to do more research. For the first time genealogists will easily gain a sense of 'the big picture' of where they are and what they should work on next within their genealogy tree. We have incorporated a color-coded reliability and progress indicator to indicate the completeness of your online tree, based on criteria you want to track.

Genealogy Charts

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