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We offer a one-of-a-kind, web-based genealogy program that helps amateur and professional genealogists’ alike build a precise family tree with historic documents. Our application offers features no other genealogy application has ever offered - either as PC software or as web-based.

We have the only genealogy builder that offers a simple, visual progress and accuracy rating guide. For the first time, genealogists will easily gain a sense of ‘the big picture’ for their family history. Users decide what facts and relationships they want to track. Based on their setup, the color coded progress chart shows the completeness of their genealogy history providing a clear roadmap of what should be worked on next - all at a single glance.

Work on your Own or Collaboratively with Relatives or a Group

Subscribers can collaborate and share information with other program users that are searching the same surname.

Share genealogy doShare genealogy documents with researchers using the program in our central repository     of sources. Users who contribute documents can remove them at any time.Genealogy Tree

We make it easy for your family to help you build your family tree. You can grant access to up to 5 contributors so they can add or edit information about a certain relative.

Contributors can only make changes to information they added, and are not able to edit another contributor’s added information. You can monitor who made what changes and additions through your file stats audit trail.

Search for ancestors through FamilySearch family tree and collaborate with contributors.

Counties, States, Genealogical Societies and other family history groups can contact us to use our project API to create online family trees with specialized functions.

Invite your Friends, Relatives, and Guests to View your Integrated Published Website

Control access to your private website with an invitation that sends out individual passwords for your visitors. Easily view who has visited your website through the private and published websites.

Icons Point out Important Items in your Genealogy Tree

It is helpful to know if a child has multiple parents, or a person has been married several times. This data is necessary to know when searching for documents to enhance your research efforts. We have icons that show these important attributes as well as when a person is attached to several files. By attaching a person from multiple trees, if you update their genealogy information in one file, their data is updated in both, seamlessly. Another icon will show documents that are attached to more than one relative. Easily attach sources, photos, notes, etc. to multiple relatives to build the right relationships by knowing you have parents, spouses or children that are linked to the same document.

Ease of Recall to View, Print, and Share your Tree

Track, index, and store your media files, sources, stories, etc. for easy retrieval by person and by album. Optionally you can view the items you have added in full size. When adding your documents, you can decide if you want to share the documents with your visitors or keep the genealogy information private, regardless if the relative is alive or deceased. Every time you add a source, you choose if you want to keep it private or not.

Research is Made Easy

To help with your research, you can search and add Family Search Records directly into your website through our genealogy application. Optionally, you can use our web links library that has over 1,000 genealogy related internet links that is updated in a timely manner with new sites.

Quick Importing and Exporting of your Family Tree

If you already have a tree in a GEDCOM format, you can import it to get started with our genealogy program. Optionally, you can export whole or partial files into GEDCOM format.

Support will Help you Get Started and Navigate the Program

We offer several ways to receive assistance to get started and build your genealogy tree with our application. Try our support ticketing system which allows you send us messages with your questions. You can also view our video tutorials to learn how to navigate our system. Also each tab in the program has helpful tips, or use the searchable index to find the person in your tree. Optionally you can download a manual.

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Online Search Techniques
Create your Family Genealogy
Ancestry Search with Documents
Genealogy Research
Family Heritage
Build Your Genealogy Tree
LDS Genealogy
Program Features
Unique Features
Color Coded Family Progress Rating Chart
Source Rating Calculator
Easy Tracking Features
Ability to recall changes
Link people across multiple trees
Add documents for use later
Prioritize your tasks
Research Tools
Over 1,000 genealogy research links
Access New FamilySearch
Genealogy Wiki
Collaborate with other researchers
Online Program Management
Web enabled genealogy program
MAC and PC friendly
Import GEDCOM files
Export partial GEDCOM files
Build multiple trees
Data Entry
Add LDS Ordinances
Create and manage custom events
Automatic date format
Relationship options
Merge, link, detach, or delete people
Checks and Balance
File and people statistics
Monitor all your changes
Privacy options
Automatic check for data entry errors
Program Features
View, add, and edit sources
View, add, and edit notes
View, add, and edit tasks
View, add, and edit media
Add documents, even multiple page PDF files
Import multiple images at a time
Send messages to contributors, visitors & researchers
Program Tools
Date calculator
Relationship calculator
Map your ancestors
Update locations easily
Document Organization
Cross file documents easily
Quickly link attachments to multiple people
Filter and sort documents and media
View, Print, & Export
Sharing Your Genealogy
Invite people to view your website
Invite contributors to help build your tree
Privacy options for people and documents
Help desk for technical issues
Online video tutorials
Online users guide
Genealogy research hints and tips
Back-up of last 2 saves
SSL secure website
Password login required for everyone