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News And Events
FHISO Founding Member, Sept. 2012
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RootsTech, February 10-12 2011
Salt Lake City, Utah

Access FamilySearch, April 2010
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Commercial Launch, Nov. 2009
Program features are ready! Free 15 day Trial is encouraged to try our software program.
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Beta Testing Update, June 2009
Beta Testers are helping to improve the program features. We are looking to release for commercial launch Sept. 2009

Beta Testing, Feb 2009
Beta Testing began with a Press Release and 200 people signed-up in a couple of days!

Digital Brand Expressions for Marketing, June 2008
Digital Brand Expressions is our marketing partner.

Seanergy Softech as Technology Partner, Mar 2008
ourFamily•ology partnered with Seanergy Softech to cater its software development needs.

PTS as Data Center, Jan 2008
ourFamily•ology chooses PTS as its Data Center. PTS is a leading Data Center Solutions Group....