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Subscribers & Guests

Membership allows subscribers to invite contributors to add content to their private application. The subscriber is the sole owner of the content that is posted by the subscriber and its contributors to the subscribers private application as well as their published site. The subscriber will have a password for visitors to his published site. This is to protect the information in the published site from being viewed by un-invited persons. Thus protecting family information. As the subscriber it is your responsibility to monitor all content of your private application as well as your published site. For privacy and subscriber knowledge, guests will sign into the subscribers published site with the subscribers guests password, guests name and Email address.

As a subscriber to any of the paid portions your subscription will be on a yearly basis. Once you become a subscriber, you will receive an Email two to three weeks prior to your subscription becoming due. The notification will give you the opportunity to unsubscribe as well as renew your subscription. Cancellations requests must be received three days prior to the renewal date for the cancellation to be effective. Upon your initial subscription and renewals, attempting to hide your identity, using false credit card information or misleading ourFamily•ology in anyway, will not be tolerated and your actions will be subjected to prosecution.

Service Availability

We will make every effort to ensure you have access to your private application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On occasion service may be disrupted for upgrades, change of service, or maintenance. We apologize in advance for any outages or disruption to your paid services. We will make every effort to announce outages in advance and do them at a time that is least service impacting. We will make every effort to restore service as quickly as possible for planned, scheduled outages, as well as outages caused by unforeseen equipment failures.


The pages that are associated with running the company and database are the property of ourFamily•ology and are copyrighted. They may not be copied or reproduced in any way with out our consent .

“Private Application” is the subscribers private access to input, upload or export their family data. The subscriber also has the ability to invite guests to contribute information and family data with restricted access as set by the subscriber.

“Published Site” is the subscribers website where their family data is viewable by invitation and is password protected.


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Customers of ourFamily•ology who send an Email using Tell a Friend Form will be given credit towards their next subscription, if the person they sent the Email to, using the Tell A Friend form, signs up for an account. The customer who sent the Email is the person who will receive the discount. The discount can be redeemed the next time they renew their subscription. The subscriber can redeem one coupon per transaction. The Email information, request, and signing up of the friend is being tracked and stored by the customer's account number. Discounts are not transferrable and can not be redeemed for money.